Team Development

and Training

Are you a newly formed paranormal team, or are you looking to start your own group? We certainly hope so! We are always excited when people are interested in the paranormal field and wish to learn as much as they can.​

We have a unique opportunity for those that are looking for help and guidance to do this. CIP has the resources and​ experience to help develop and train newly formed groups and growing teams in order to become a more professional paranormal research and investigation organization, one of worth and prestige.

Our development and training program combines several classroom style and distance learning modules lead by the founder of CIP. With his many years of practical experience and research, you will find that the learning experience will be above par, easy enough for all learning levels, yet also challenging.​

With successful completion of our Team Development and Training Program, CIP would be very comfortable in including your team into our family of paranormal affiliates.

If you would like more information, or to sign up, send us a message on our CONTACT page.

Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions outlined by local health officials and the CDC, Central Illinois Paranormal will suspend training events pending further notice. Central Illinois Paranormal cares about the health, well-being, and safety of everyone, and will maintain this position as a matter of caution and respect. In the instance where our physical presence is required, all CIP members present will dawn a face covering and maintain social distancing. Thank you for understanding.