Services Provided by Central Illinois Paranormal 

Below you will find short descriptions of the services we currently provide to many different people. 

All of our investigative and data analysis services are absolutely free to our clients and established paranormal organizations.

While we do not charge a fee directly for our Team Development and Training Program, or Lectures and Presentations, any professional donations towards those programs and CIP are greatly appreciated and much needed. Please visit our DONATIONS page for further information.

Private Paranormal Investigation

Our CORE team members consist of business professionals, students, military, and various walks of life.  As an investigation team, we are a scientific-based group that does not charge for our services. This means that not only will we assess your haunting, collect data, and try to figure out what it is, but also try to find a solution where you are comfortable with the outcome and you can be at peace.

Please give us 24-48 hours to respond to your claim submission. You will be contacted by a case manager for more information regarding your claim, any questions we may have, and when would be the best time to come to your home or business for a walk through and investigation, if needed.

You will be asked to sign paperwork stating that CIP has your permission to be there, and you will also be advised on how to best prepare for the investigation.

Thank you for considering CIP as your investigation team of choice and we look forward to talking to you!

Data Analysis and Consultation

If you are a paranormal team, big or small, we have the ability to help you out with your data analysis and are more than happy to help out any fellow teams out there.


We understand what it is like to be overwhelmed with data, especially if you are working cases back-to-back. We are able to help go through the data with you to help reduce your backlog in order to provide a timely report to your clients. 


In addition to this service to other paranormal teams, we are available for any objective second opinions you may want when analysing your data. Maybe you have an EVP or apparition, and you simply want a second look at it. We can provide an honest and professional opinion.

This service is reserved for paranormal teams that would like help with their cases. No client information will need to be shared with us. If you are not a member of a paranormal team and have data or evidence you would like reviewed, we highly recommend contracting with us, or any other reputable paranormal team, to conduct a free investigation. 

Team Development and Training

Are you a newly formed paranormal team, or are you looking to start your own group? We certainly hope so! We are always excited when people are interested in the paranormal field and wish to learn as much as they can.

We have a unique opportunity for those that are looking for help and guidance to do this. CIP has the resources and​ experience to help develop and train newly formed groups and growing teams in order to become a more professional paranormal research and investigation organization, one of worth and prestige.

Our development and training program combines several classroom style and stance learning modules lead by the founder of CIP. With his many years of practical experience and research, you will find that the learning experience will be above par.

With successful completion of our Team Development and Training Program, CIP would be very comfortable in including your team into our family of paranormal affiliates.

If you would like more information, or to sign up, send us a message below.

Lectures and Presentations

Do you have a group interested in the paranormal? Are you looking for someone to share paranormal experiences and feedback with your guests?

We absolutely love to share our knowledge and experiences about the paranormal. So much so that we are willing to stand in front of any size crowd to do it.

We are very knowledgeable in various ​areas such as orbs and orb color theories, scientific investigation and research, entity classification, and haunting categories, just to name a few. Our very own knowledge base and paranormal theories are constantly evolving.

We are available for standard lectures, online webinars, and in depth presentations, based on many paranormal topics. If you feel that we can fill a needed slot in your event, please schedule a booking with us and we can discuss details and information further.

Alternatively, you may want to explore your options with any other paranormal group in your area. As much as we would like for you to choose CIP for your paranormal needs, we wouldn't be doing anybody any justice by not helping out where we can. Click on the banner for a worldwide directory of paranormal groups.

NOTE: Central Illinois Paranormal does not represent nor endorse any single team, group, or individual listed within the directory.