The New Paranormal - Literally Rewriting History

Recent revolutionary advances in science, particularly neuroscience, have profound implications for paranormal research. It is obvious that many apparently paranormal experiences can be explained by the way our brains work. Clearly, the current model of paranormal research, almost unchanged for over a century, having delivered very little, is overdue for its own revolution. ASSAP

Central Illinois Paranormal is looking to help revolutionize the investigation aspect of researching the paranormal. We must first dig in to exploring the xenonormal side of the paranormal by rooting out and discovering what naturally may be happening, although we may not fully grasp, or comprehend, the full context of the activity being witnessed at any given time or place.

We look forward to gaining new knowledge and techniques during our development as an investigative and research team, and we are always looking for like minded people to join in and help.

The idea that one must be a believer in spirits and ghosts is not relevant nor warranted in these current time. In fact, we look more for those that are more skeptical than not.

Comment below with your opinions of how modern paranormal investigations and research has developed over the years. We are excited to hear what you say.