Inventing A Better Wheel

(Hopefully) solving SLS camera system issues.

During this immeasurable time of "staying-in-place" I have had plenty of time to reflect and think about equipment development.

There are 2 main problems with the SLS camera system used to map out 3D objects and potentially detect humanoid shaped anomalies. Well, 3 if you count the ridiculous prices.

1. Cable management is really a pain to deal with for the most part. The cables are extremely long for the kinect and the PC adaptor, and there really is no clean way to handle them.

2. Power management is bananas. Usually there is a fairly large battery pack that holds 8 AA batteries (12v) to power the kinect sensor bar, and no power options for the tablet if you wish to be mobile.

I am developing a much easier and compact build package (or upgrade) that reduces 90% of the cabling, provides a simpler mounting option for the kinect sensor bar, and provides a simple mobile power upgrade that will provide power for the sensor bar and the tablet simultaneously.

I do have a few things ordered and on there way but I do need some help if possible to get the rest so I can build a prototype. If anyone has a microsoft kinect for windows, model # 1473, that would be the biggest help. It is hard to find one of those at a decent price anymore.