Lectures and Presentations

Do you have a group or organization that is interested in the paranormal? Are you looking for someone to share paranormal experiences and feedback with your guests?

We absolutely love to share our growing knowledge and experiences about the paranormal. So much so that we are willing to stand in front of any size crowd to do it.

We are knowledgeable in various ​paranormal and parapsychology areas. Our very own knowledge base and paranormal theories and experiments are constantly evolving as well. A short list of topics are available for discussion.

We are available for standard lectures, online webinars, and in depth presentations, based on many paranormal topics. If you feel that we can fill a needed slot at your event, please join us on our CONTACT page, make the appropriate selection and fill out the short form. We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss details and information further.

  • Science and the Paranormal

  • Signs of a Possible Haunt

  • Apparition Classifications

  • Types of Hauntings

  • The Parapsychology of Ghosts

  • Direct/Indirect Forms of Contact

  • Investigation Protocols

  • Equipment Selection and Use

  • Confidentiality and Legal Responsibilities 

  • plus so much more

Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions outlined by local health officials and the CDC, Central Illinois Paranormal will suspend in-person lectures and presentations, and will continue forward with virtual events pending further notice. Central Illinois Paranormal cares about the health, well-being, and safety of everyone, and will maintain this position as a matter of caution and respect. In the instance where our physical presence is required, all CIP members present will dawn a face covering and maintain social distancing. Thank you for understanding.