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Are you interested in becoming a paranormal investigator?

Do you have an interest in researching paranormal theories, experiments, and anomalous activities?  

Are you mature and professional enough to be an exclusive member of CIP?

We don't accept just anyone to the team, and you don't have to be a believer of the paranormal either; skeptics are perfectly welcome too. We are always looking for great people to join us, and if enough of the right people come along we would be excited to branch out to other areas of the state. 

If you are truly interested in joining, and you think you can be a great addition to the team, apply below so we can begin the evaluation process.

But first... a few words from our founder.

I just really wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for even considering joining up with one of the most dedicated paranormal research and investigation teams in the area. Unfortunately, not everyone that applies will meet the standards that I am looking for to represent Central Illinois Paranormal, as I am building a membership of quality researchers and investigators for a professional team.

Scale of Skepticism


Would it surprise you to know that most people presume that in order to be on a paranormal team, they have to be a believer in the paranormal? Most teams are in fact ran that way. The members (majority) have an unwavering belief that all things anomalous and unexplained are paranormal phenomena. Not with CIP. All of our members are expected to have an open mind as we will always look first for natural, or normal, reasons why something is happening, rather than jumping to the paranormal reasons. So, to have people that are more skeptical than not, is more useful to the end goal than being a full believer, although, there is nothing wrong with believing 100% in ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

Just a few things we do not accept in Central Illinois Paranormal

Unfortunately we do have to have some limitations to what we can and can not allow within the team, mainly because we are a group of professionals entrusted with our clients information and their homes and businesses.

We do not get involved with any of the "dark arts" such as Wicca, Witchcraft, Satanism, or anything of the sort. This would include living a fantasy life involving these, even "dressing" the part. We go into peoples homes and businesses, and our clients need to feel comfortable with who they let inside their personal spaces. If they think that we are going to let demons into their home or business, there goes any of our credibility as an organization. We are a professional organization and we will dress and act professional.

We will not turn down members who claim to have any psychic or clairvoyant abilities, but we will not use or rely on whatever abilities they may have. It’s not that we do not believe they are valid, but because their process and results cannot be accurately verified as of yet.

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