This service is reserved for paranormal teams that would like help with their cases. No client information will need to be shared with us. If you are not a member of a paranormal team and have data or evidence you would like reviewed, we highly recommend filing a claim with us HERE, or any other reputable paranormal team, to conduct a free investigation. 

If you are a paranormal team, big or small, we have the ability to help you out with your data analysis and are more than happy to help out any fellow teams out there.

While this is not very common anymore in the paranormal communities, we hold true to our statement: We are here to help you!

​We understand what it is like to get behind on analysis, or maybe something is a little questionable and you would like a second look at something. We are more than happy to help out fellow investigators, at no charge!!!

​For the sake of client confidentiality, we do not have a need for any of their information, but know that we are bound to the protection of all clients privacy, and we are willing to sign any legitimate NDA form that you may require.

Just go to our CONTACT page, make the appropriate selection and fill out the short form, and we will be in contact with you shortly with further information for discreet and secure file transferring. We look forward to working with you to help you out and to build a strong network of professionals in the paranormal communities.