About Central Illinois Paranormal

The Beginning of CIP


Central Illinois Paranormal was founded by Lee Wagner, June 21st, 2019. Lee had been heavily involved with paranormal research since a personal event took place in the summer of 1996, in the middle of the hills of Kentucky, while serving with the Army's 101st Airborne Division. Ever since that encounter, he has been on a mission of discovery into the paranormal realm.

In 2009, Lee eventually found a paranormal group in the Peoria area, and soon after became a member, quickly rising through the ranks from investigator, to equipment tech, to finally Lead Investigator. They were a great group, and the members were amazing people. The group went to some incredible places to investigate, and was able to capture some very compelling evidence of paranormal activity. Something changed for Lee though. He slowly realized that this was not an investigation group, as hard as he tried to treat it that way. This was more of a ghost hunting group, and the members really had no interest in the group after the night was over. They just wanted to go have fun, then go home, leaving the few dedicated members to go through all of the data. Lee eventually left the group in 2012.

Here we are today, where Lee finally formed a new paranormal group, one that meets his standards of what a paranormal research and investigation group is. While CIP is primarily a paranormal investigation organization, we do appreciate the times when we can just have some fun and help out others with a simple, yet fun, ghost hunt. 

Central Illinois Paranormal is a small group for now, but will be growing with the correct type of people needed for this type of organization. CIP does vet its potential members, and does put its members through a continuous training program, developed to teach the scientific approach to research and investigation methods. CIP does expect its members to work cohesively together before, during, and after an investigation or ghost hunt.

CIP Training


Central Illinois Paranormal feels that a solid training program is paramount to being successful in paranormal research and investigations, and you cannot be a leader in any industry without proper knowledge and experience to back it up.


Our training program involves different online responsive classroom type learning, in-person training sessions during meetings and activities, and training in the field during investigations and ghost hunts. Our training program is also indicative of the members participation as well. If they do not participate, they do not get the needed advancements in training, and therefore cannot be involved in a clients home or business until they are. It is important for our clients to understand that when they invite CIP into their home or business, they know that we are professional and educated in the matters in which they contact us for. There is no exception to this.


​Below is a small list of some of the topics that are covered through the different training phases. If there are any questions about our training program, please reach out to us on our CONTACT page. 

  • Science of the Paranormal and the Scientific Method

  • Equipment and Technology

    • EMF​

    • Recorders

    • Static and Ion detectors

    • Instrumental TransCommunication

  • Appearance & Apparition Classifications

  • Orb Theory

  • Demonology

  • File Management

  • Property & History Research

  • Investigation Techniques

  • Interview Methods

  • Many, many, more...