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Dollar Bills

Please consider making a monetary donation today. You have the option to make a single donation or a monthly contribution.


Just like many reputable paranormal groups, we do not charge for our services to research and investigate claims of the paranormal in anyone's home or place of business. While we absolutely love the help we are able to provide, it does come at a cost to our volunteer members.

Unfortunately, the market of paranormal equipment has become so commercialized, and so have the prices. We have discovered that many of the tools and equipment we can use is able to be built and replicated on our own, but still, some of the needed equipment we must purchase ourselves.

We know that times are hard for many financially, and it has taken a lot of pride swallowing to get to this point, but we are in need of your help so that we can help others in need. If you are able to spare anything that could go towards equipment/expenses, we would be forever grateful of your generosity. If you have any questions please head to our CONTACT page. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

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